Shrimp Canning / Shrimp Processing Plant Effluent Treatment using Advanced Electrochemical Coagulation and Flotation and Electro Oxidation Systems

As a highly perishable commodity, Shrimp has a significant requirement for processing. Processing of large bulk shrimp also produces a corresponding large bulk of wastewaters.

Because of the high strength and relatively large volume of wastewater discharged by shrimp canneries or processing plants, are, therefore, highly likely to produce adverse effects on the receiving regional, coastal and marine environments.

Shrimp processing effluents are very high in biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), fat-oil-grease (FOG), pathogenic and other micro flora, organic matters and nutrients, etc. Shrimp Process wastewater are of varying strengths, especially from the filleting and trimming processes, contains fat, oil and grease (FOG) with blood, small pieces of fish and protein, waste and carbohydrates.

The characteristics of shrimp processing effluents often exhibit extreme variability. The different characteristics of wastewater streams reflect fluctuations viz., BOD, SS concentrations ranging from high to low, highly alkaline or acidic, nitrogen and phosphorous may or may not present or in quantities in excess with respect to farm environmental conditions.

Understanding these challenges in conventional biological wastewater treatment methods, we at RT ECO have come up with a unique Advanced Hybrid electrochemical based treatment system without using any chemicals or microbes.

RT ECO, Advanced Hybrid, Wastewater Treatment technology, has made it considerably easier, for shrimp processing and canning industries to reuse water and also meet the consequent stringency in environmental legislation.

RT ECO ETP systems are developed and applied with the Electro coagulation, flotation and Electro-Oxidation technique, to treat and reuse wastewater for shrimp processing and canning industries.

The RT ECO, Shrimp processing or shrimp canning industry ETP Systems, has two electrochemical reactors, one for electrocoagulation and flotation in purple, named as NURAI CELL, and another for electro oxidation, in green named as ELECTROGEN, with different electrodes, unique to each effluents.

RT ECO ETP Systems, removes the pollutants to the lower level than the toxic level, and keeps within safe limits after each cycle.

RT ECO, advanced wastewater treatment systems uses smaller footprint and requires 90 to 95% less space than conventional plants. Reduces labor requirements and can be automated easily.

The wastewater after treatment is safe to reuse again, or safe to release it in any nearby water bodies after seasons, without causing any harm complying to environmental legislation.