RT ECO series Electrocoagulation based Hybrid Advanced Wastewater treatment system is a simple solution to POME wastewater treatment problems. Once through process involves no chemical or polymer addition. Robust system design makes it ideal for any remote location operation with SCADA monitoring systems and are also available on rentals.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO POW 0.6 MLD 600
RT ECO POW 1.2 MLD 1200
RT ECO POW 2.4 MLD 2400
RT ECO POW 3.6 MLD 3600
RT ECO POW 4.8 MLD 4800
Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) is the wastewater discharged from the sterilization process, crude oil clarification process and cracked mixture separation process. POME produce huge amount of methane gas from its anaerobic process and has 21 times Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other gases.

RT ECO Palm Oil Mill Effluent Wastewater Treatment Plant

RT ECO, unique hybrid advanced wastewater treatment system incorporates electrocoagulation using PIXECELL and electro-oxidation using ELECTROGEN cells to treat this POME water in a simple once through process making it suitable for reuse.

RT ECO System Configuration

•Mobile Trailer Mounted System
•Containerized System
** System Design meeting explosion proof classification. ** Certification as per operation location / country.


Palm Oil Mill Effluent


  • Plug & Play system
  • Fully automated
  • Instant start/stop operation
  • small foot print
  • Low operating cost
  • Requires low power
  • No chemicals required
  • Odour-free and noiseless operation
  • Suitable for remote locations
  • High efficiency in COD, BOD, pollutant removal
  • Very low sludge generation
  • Meets environmental regulations.