Margarine Production Wastewater Evaluation and wastewater Treatment using Electro coagulation System

Margarines – the foodstuffs used mainly for spreading, baking, and cooking processes are rich sources of fat and provide energy. In the recent decades, the industry has responded to scientific developments and has made significant changes to the way margarine, fats, and oils production and processing.

Wastewater from margarine production must be treated in a way and up to a level that will not pose a source of pollution before releasing into the environment or water bodies. The quality of effluent which can be discharged into the recipient is regulated by appropriate standards or regulations for every community.

RT ECO, the advanced, Hybrid Wastewater Treatment System, treat a wide range of wastewater pollutants in a diverse range of conditions and meet local regulations for wastewater quality and reduce pollution.

As compared with traditional treatment methods, electrocoagulation provides a relatively compact and robust treatment alternative by initiating electrochemical reactions that provide active metal cations for coagulation and flocculation.

We RT ECO, supply Pilot Scale Evaluation Test Kit to evaluate specific pollutant parameters from Margarine production industry wastewater streams at a small scale before committing to a large capital investment.

Each of the tests can be performed simply without the use of complicated equipment and are suitable for operators without formal training in water testing and analysis.

Our evaluation kit was designed so that your team can easily test and evaluate — in your facilities using electrochemical processes.

Electro-Coagulation Systems are supplied as a skid mounted unit, fully assembled for inlet/outlet and backwash connections.

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