Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Reuse and recycling using Advanced Hybrid Electrochemical Systems

Food Production and Preparing Industries utilizes huge quantity of water resources for its day-to-day activities and also generates large quantities of wastewater, especially in peak season.

The wastewater produced by Commercial kitchens, 5-start hotels, food courts, malls etc., must meet the environmental standards in order to ensure that your business is not harming the environment. Hotel Kitchen produces grease and oils on a daily basis and generates Wastewater containing organic load from food preparation, processing and utensil washing in the kitchen, soap and detergents, with the main contaminants - oil and grease, proteins, carbohydrates, detergents and other dissolved and suspended compounds.

The Effluent from Hotel Kitchen carries high levels of COD, BOD,SS, Ammonia (NH4), & Fats/Oils & Grease (FOG) etc., as well as emitting smells from acidification. Installing an efficient Effluent Treatment system can save precious resources and help preserve the environment. If not, then you’re risking polluting the environment and endangering public health and safety.

RT ECO - Hotel Kitchen Wastewater treatment Systems

RT ECO - Advanced Electrochemical Packaged Hotel Kitchen Wastewater treatment systems are the most efficient, durable and eco-friendly systems in the market. Depending on size of the hotel kitchen and the number of wastewater-generating units, daily wastewater volumes, and peak and off-season volumes, we at RT ECO offer you the electrochemical based, electrocoagulation, floatation and electro-oxidation combined Hotel Kitchen wastewater treatment system.

RT ECO, Advanced Hybrid Wastewater Treatment Technology has made it considerably easier for Hotel and allied industry to reuse Kitchen Wastewater meeting stringent laws in environmental legislation.

Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Reclamation Systems

RT ECO, Advanced, Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Treatment Systems boast a unique flow management method and do a great job at recycling wastewater, managing effluent discharge and reusable streams.


Model Treatment Capacity
RT ECO HKW-05 5000
RT ECO HKW-10 10000
RT ECO HKW-25 25000
RT ECO HKW-50 50000
RT ECO HKW-100 100000
RT ECO HKW-500 500000

RT ECO is a unique extremely compact ‘all in one’ package effluent treatment system with simple Operation, great Long Term Performance and offer you clean reusable water with 99.9 % contaminants removal. RT ECO systems uses smaller footprint and requires 75% less space than conventional systems.

Using RT ECO Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems, 85% water can be reclaimed and can be reused for gardening, utensil washing, flushing or other purposes.

As a systems integrator, Noble ECO Systems provide a one stop solution to customers, from Electrochemical based wastewater Treatment Systems engineering, design and development to installation, maintenance and service.

Hotel Kitchen Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Systems are supplied as a skid mounted unit, fully assembled or as Mobile systems mounter on truck or mini van.

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