Evaluation of Hospital Wastewater using RT ECO Pilot Scale Plant

Hospital Wastewater Evaluation Test Kit to evaluate Phosphorous and Nitrogen (N and P), BOD, COD, Heavy Metals, TSS, Micro-Organisms from different hospital wastewater streams at a small scale before committing to a large capital investment.

Hospital wastewater is a serious environmental disaster. Causing a huge biological imbalance to our environment putting Public health at risk effecting Aquatic life and water bodies around us . Qualitative indices evaluated in most Hospital wastewater world over is reported to contain more than permissible levels of pathogenic microorganisms, partially metabolized pharmaceuticals, radioactive isotopes, hormones , heavy metals , toxic chemical compounds , Phenol and also other undesired potential pathogens , including but not limiting to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses.

Hospital Wastewater

Contaminants are fount at various sections of the hospitals - Labour wards, ICU, Testing Laboratory, Mortuary , Post Mortem room, Chemotherapy unit. Most of the contaminants in the hospital effluents are resistant to conventional biological treatments methods and as a result when discharged are provoking biological imbalances to the environment - potentially endangering public health, and the natural resources .

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RT ECO Hospital Wastewater Evaluation Test Kit - (Pilot Scale Plant)

Understanding this challenges in conventional biological waste water treatment methods , we at RT-ECO have come up with a unique Advanced Hybrid electrochemical based treatment system without using any chemicals or microbes. RT Eco Evaluation Kit has two electrochemical reactors one for electrocoagulation in orange and another for electro-oxidation in green with different electrodes unique to each effluents.

Onsite Evaluation of Hospital Wastewater effluent

We have evaluated one such wastewater using RT-ECO EVALUATION KIT as no two effluents are the same and by doing this on-site evaluation process helps us to eventually build a fool proof system. Collected Hospital wastewater is first tested for its various constituents and also sent to certified lab for testing all parameters. Now the effluent is reacted in our electrocoagulation reactor the PIXIECELL. Wastewater Poured into Pixecell Reactor . Hydrolysis during electrcoagulation process
Hydrolysis of the effluent in the reactor ensure free flow of electrons destabilizing surface charges on suspended solids, heavy metals and Organics compounds forming large flocs and finally settling down providing a clear liquid with 60-85% removal efficiency of TSS , heavy metals , BOD and COD .

On further reacting this in an electro-oxidation reactor -ELECTROGEN using specialized precious electrode materials ensures removal of most micro organisms ,odor , BOD , COD , P and N with 95-99% removal efficiency.

Oxidation Process at ELECTROGEN Reactor

The treatment efficiency achieved during this RT-ECO Hospital waste water evaluation process provided the much needed confidence and validation for the Hospital management on the offered electro-chemical technology and often surprised them by its ease of operation and effectiveness of its treatment.

Clear Water after Treatment and Samples Collected at each stage of Evaluation Removal of pharmaceuticals, evaluation of Phosphorous and Nitrogen (N and P), BOD, COD, Heavy Metals, TSS, Micro-Organisms from different wastewater types, e.g. toxic side streams, the entire hospital wastewater stream and municipal wastewater. RT ECO Evaluation Test Kit helps to evaluate technologies and processes at a small scale before committing to a large capital investment.