Electrocoagulation method of evaluating Landfill Leachate, Biodigestor Leachate

Leachate, an impending urban challenge - are those liquids formed when a landfill waste breaks down and the water filters through this waste making it a highly toxic liquid . During the early stages of waste degradation and leachate generation the composition is more acidic and high in volatile fatty acids which in turn dissolve other components such as heavy metals making the leachate even more complex.

Landfill Leachate Effluent

Leachate contains high concentrations of ammoniacal nitrogen, organic carbon, Phthalate, esters, adipates and so on which are leached from plastic products under landfill conditions. A carcinogenic nightmare in waiting.

Environmental Impact

The presence of faecal coliforms, faecal Streptococcus and Salmonella found in high levels making microbiological activity in landfill leachate A pathogenic risk to groundwater consumers like us. Leachates' when in contact with aquifer or local water bodies forms a plume where the composition of microbial population is dramatically different from the indigenous microbial population . Thermo-tolerant coli-forms are detected in these groundwater plume with very high concentrations in most wells around the landfill sites. The conventional effluent treatment methods have their limitations in treating such complex Leachate effluents and are unable to address this problem which is making things even more serious.

RT ECO - Electrocoagulation and Oxidation Based Leachate Wastewater Evaluation Test Kit - (Pilot Scale Plant)

Understanding this challenges in conventional biological waste water treatment methods , RT-ECO have come up with a simple and robust solution for this serious challenge and achieved greater success in successfully treating biodigestor leachate and also demonstrating the effectiveness of technology at landfill leachate site using our evaluation kit. RT ECO Evaluation Kit has two electrochemical reactors one for electrocoagulation in orange and another for electro-oxidation in green with different electrodes unique to each effluents.

Onsite Evaluation of Landfill Leachate effluent

We have evaluated one such wastewater using RT-ECO EVALUATION KIT as no two effluents are the same and by doing this on-site evaluation process helps us to eventually build a fool proof system. Collected Landfill Leachate effluent is first tested for its various constituents and also sent to certified lab for testing all parameters. Leachate effluent Poured into Pixecell Reactor . Hydrolysis during electrocoagulation process
Now the effluent is reacted in our electrocoagulation reactor the PIXIECELL. Electrocoagulated Leachate effluent. After Hydrolysis during electrocoagulation process
Hydrolysis of the effluent in the reactor ensure free flow of electrons destabilizing surface charges on suspended solids, heavy metals and Organics compounds forming large flocs and finally settling down providing a clear liquid with 60-85% removal efficiency of TSS , heavy metals , BOD and COD .

On further reacting this in an electro-oxidation reactor -ELECTROGEN using specialized precious electrode materials ensures removal of most micro organisms ,odor , BOD , COD , P and N with 95-99% removal efficiency.

Samples collected at every stages of Leachate Effluent Treatment