RT ECO, Dairy Industry - Milk, Milk Food Production wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat dairy wastewater containing high organic and inorganic contents, acids, alkalies with active ingredients, pathogenic bacteria and viruses and for reclaiming water.

MODEL Treatment Capacity
Flow rate
RT ECO DW-5 5.0 210
RT ECO DW-10 10.0 420
RT ECO DW-20 20.0 850
RT ECO DW-30 30.0 1250
RT ECO DW-40 40.0 1700
RT ECO DW-50 50.0 2100

RT ECO Advanced Effluent treatment Plant (WWT Plant) effectively treats the Dairy Waste waters which can pose a potential environmental hazard. Advanced Effluent treatment Plant (RT ECO) regulates the pH of dairy effluents and reclaims the water for reuse.

Around 2.5 liters of wastewater (effluent) is generated in every liter of milk production. The main pollutant in milk processing wastewater is whey produced mainly in cheese manufacturing. While manufacturing cheese , cheese whey wastewater is produced as well. Milk and whey permeates has low solid content and are rich in soluble compounds, over 80% of which is lactose. Milk processing effluents have an increased temperature and large variations in pH, TSS, biological oxygen demand (BOD), COD, total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) and fat, oil and grease (FOG).

Dairy manufacturing has a strong impact on the environment with high organic and nutrient loading. Large volumes of dairy wastewater with extreme pH variations lead to different pollution problems, including rapid dissolved O2 depletion due to the high organic loading, which results in anaerobic conditions, the release of volatile toxic substances, aquatic life destruction and subsequent environmental damages.

The Large volumes of wastewater generation is primarily due to cleaning and washing operations in the milk processing plants.

RT ECO Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dairy Industry equipped with RT ECO Advanced Electro-chemical Treatment Systems can Save 75 % to 80 % of fresh water through recycling .

Discharge of Untreated Dairy industry wastewater causes significant threat to surface and ground water which would endanger our drinking water resources and imperil the aquatic ecosystem.

RT ECO electrochemical effluent treatment system comprises electrocoagulation as primary treatment and electro-oxidation as secondary treatment processes.

With RT ECO WWTP (ETP Systems), dairy industry wastewater with high organic load and odour is treated and discharged as reclaimed water suitable for reuse or for discharge complying with environmental regulations.


  • Milk Processing Plant
  • Milk Food Processing, production plant


. Small Footprint . Fully Automated . Odourless and colourless reclaimed water . Minimal sludge generation . Durable and non-corrosive components . Noiseless operation . High efficiency in COD, BOD, pollutant removal . 100% disinfection (Bacteria-free reclaimed water) . Meets environmental regulations