Aquaculture - Fish Farming Wastewater Evaluation, Advanced Hybrid Treatment Systems

Aquaculture continues to be the fastest growing food producing sector. Today, about half the fish consumed globally are raised in these artificial aquaculture environments. This facility not only require the supply of clean water, but also, the release of clean water into the environment is important for the protection of the aquatic environment and reuse of water sources.

Aquaculture - Fish farming Waste water

High stocking densities result in a significant amount of pollution from fish excrement and uneaten food, which in turn lead to poor water quality high in ammonia and low in oxygen. The urine and feces from the aquatic animals causes high content of ammonia nitrogen, an increase of BOD. Also generating huge amounts of wastewater, containing compounds such as suspended solids, high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Environmental Compliance

Aquaculture waste waters create serious problems to aquatic environment and water resources when discharged as untreated or partial treated effluents. The traditional treatment methods has only moderate effects on removing the soluble organic matter such as N and P and also leaves behind the major contaminants and risks the farmers when discharged.

In order to maintain the discharge water quality standards, we at RT ECO have come up with a unique Advanced Hybrid electro chemical based treatment system.

RT ECO - Evaluation Test Kit (electro chemical based)

We have evaluated few such Aquaculture / Fish farming effluent using our RT ECO table top EVALUATION KIT before designing the actual system. As no two effluents are the same we have evolved this unique method of testing each aquaculture waste water before proposing the actual system. RT ECO Evaluation Kit as its called has two reactors. Electro coagulation in orange and electro oxidation in green with different electrodes unique to each effluents.

Collected fish farm wastewater is first tested for its various constituents and also sent to certified lab for testing all parameters.

Fish Farming (Aquaculture) Wastewater Treatment using RT ECO ETP

As a first step the effluent is reacted in our electrocoagulation reactor PIXE CELL. Hydrolysis of the effluent in the cells ensure free flow of electrons destabilizing surface charges on suspended solids, heavy metals and Organics compounds forming large flocs and finally settling down. The effluent after the reaction in our PIXECELL electrocoagulation reactor makes a clear liquid with 60-85% removal efficiency of TSS , heavy metals , BOD and COD values.

On reacting this effluent further in an electroOxidation reactor -ELECTROGEN which uses specialized precious electrode materials ensures removal of micro organisms , odour, colour , BOD , COD , P and N (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) with 95-99% removal efficiency.